Interested in learning more about Citizens' Assemblies on Climate Change? Want to get involved? 

Check out one of the recordings to learn about the Citizens' Assembly process.

This early 2021, Washington State will host the country’s first online Citizens' Assembly on Climate, and we’d like your input. A legislative package to address climate change will require a mandate from all residents of Washington. A Climate Assembly Washington info session will introduce the Washington State Climate Assembly. A deliberative democracy event, in which randomly selected residents of Washington state will learn, connect, deliberate on, and finally recommend policies to lawmakers, for political action on climate change.

Climate Assembly Washington has moved a step closer toward creating a citizens’ assembly that addresses the topic of climate change by securing 5 endorsements from the WA Legislature. 


Join us for an event hearing directly from practitioners of deliberative democracy. At a Climate Assembly Washington info session, you will learn about how effective a Citizens’ Assembly in Washington could be in creating momentum for policy; and the potential to break through the political deadlock on climate policy in Washington State, addressing some facet of climate mitigation. 

It is important that we center communities on the frontlines of economic and environmental change in this conversation. The Assembly will be organized based on the input from a diverse coalition of environmental and climate NGOs (as well as informal groups) from our state, plus civil servants and institutions involved in environmental justice and climate legislation. 

Stay tuned to hear about the current organizing to host a Citizens' Assembly, and how you and your organization could get involved.

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